Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Goodbye, Sweet Boy

Grommit Brinson passed away at around 4pm on Tuesday, May 13th.

He was acting strangely for some time, but nothing that you would put together as signs of illness; we just thought it was old age coming on. On Monday Oscar came home to find no one greeting him at the door. He found the dogs in the back bedroom; Grommit so sick he could not stand, and Claris watching over him. I rushed Grom to our local Emergency Veterinary Hospital, RVCC, and they took him in right away. They stabilized him and took X-rays, only to find his liver and spleen were grossly enlarged.

They kept him overnight, and then after ultrasounds and a biopsy Tuesday morning they found nodules and abnormal cells. He was struggling to breath, could barely walk, and could not stay awake. The prognosis was very poor, and after spending time with him outside on the lawn behind the hospital, I decided it was time to release him. He fell asleep beside me in the shady grass, and the hospital staff came out and quietly, without waking him, helped him sleep forever.

He was a unique and wonderful dog; that once-in-a-lifetime friend that you are lucky to have had in your life. Grommit will missed by so very many; I will somehow make sure that he will not be forgotten and his memory will continue on.

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