Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend in Williamsburg

Mom and Dad came for an overnight visit last weekend and we spent the night in Williamsburg. We had a nice light lunch at Old Chickahominy House, did some shopping at the Williamsburg Pottery, ate a wonderful dinner at the Kings Arms Tavern (we cannot resist the peanut soup) and walked Colonial Williamsburg. My camera was clicking the whole time. The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect October weekend in Virginia!

It is great to walk the Colonial area early in the morning when only the locals are about...

There were still lots of flowers and greenery; things were just starting the turn to fall colors.
This crocus appears to have been a little mixed up about what it was supposed to do when, but I am not complaining!

It was definitely a surprise to see it standing alone among the English Ivy in a large bed lining a brick walkway.

This is why I keep my eyes open; you never know what you might find if you are always looking at your surroundings carefully.

The squirrels in CW are such little clowns, and they are joined by a large population of other creatures who are so used to the ever-present tourists that they barely bother to keep their distance anymore...

But the stars of Williamsburg have always been the history and the architecture. Everywhere you look stands a representative of the beauty, simplicity and the elegance of early American architecture, and the obvious signs of our ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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