Friday, June 26, 2009

Where were you?

So sorry about the massive amount of time between posts. I could say I was hibernating, but that would not explain the entire spring going by with nary a word. The best answer is, I just did not feel like it.

Much happened in the months of "no words". I lost 50 pounds and a best friend; I gained a sister-in-law and a new kitchen. A friend is expecting his first child, and I have found the breeder (after 7 months of searching) that will bring a new hairy child into our lives and a puppy to the fields and woods of Dog Days. We took a vacation in Las Vegas, and embarked on huge, amazing projects in our work-life. It is amazing how many things can happen in such a short amount of time, and I did my best to be "present in the moment" and take in all these experiences to their fullest.

I don't miss the 50 pounds one little bit, but I am still raw about the loss of my friend. The kitchen at Dog Days is scheduled to be completed in the next few days (miracles never cease), and I am thrilled with the addition of a new family member (the wedding was beautiful and it was great to see the family, even if it was too short a trip. I look forward to the trip up to Pa. in the fall to pick up the new Pup). Young ones bring new life to the old ones and I am looking forward to the coming of new babies, both hairy and less hairy this fall. I am prepared for the mess and drool, and am having happy thoughts about how wonderful babies and puppies smell when they are new...

Vegas was great fun and we enjoyed the sights, sounds and silliness of that strange desert city. Work keeps us busy no matter what we do but this year marks massive changes and upgrades to our infrastructure, the building of which we are both integral parts.

Please forgive the large gap in this digital diary; I promise to try and do better. But as you can see, life is full and sometimes it takes you up, whirls you around and wraps you up and you can't get a good enough look at what you have done (to write it down and share it) until you come out the other side...

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