Thursday, February 11, 2010

Read My Hand...

I think this may actually signal the beginning of the end of the world; I think Sarah Palin may have a good idea. I hope it did not hurt her too much...

When she decided to write a few important points on her hand, she made sure she would get the points she (or her handlers) thought were important taken care of in her interview. I think ALL the folks in Washington should follow her lead, and put THIS on their hand:

SO, the next time your representative decides to get into a meeting where they start talking about how College Football should decide which teams get to play in the tournaments, they can look at their hand and act accordingly.

When they start to tell us how Wall Street's system for bonus payouts is fair and how Wall Street talent will leave because their base salaries are ONLY three times what I make so they need to hand out more money to keep the talent, they can read their hand.

When they start a filibuster to stop legislation not because they think it is wrong but because they did not write it, they can read their hand.

When they are deciding to give themselves a pay raise while we get cuts in education and infrastructure, they should put their hand down and read it.

And when they tell us that we need to spend billions on specious wars, bank bailouts, and money for projects that have nothing to do with building infrastructure or jobs, they can just look to their hand to know what we want.

Sadly, the hand failed to help Sarah look like more than the usual pandering politician with little substance and lots of fluff, but maybe with a little tweaking it might work to keep the folks we have in office reined in until we can get some new people who may not need to write on themselves to remember what their job is and who they work for.

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