Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mother Nature is Messing with my Head

It was below freezing last night; I am starting to get a twitch every time I hear the heating system kick on. I want open windows and warm breezes!

The rain prevented me from photographing the spring blossoms yesterday, and I am hoping that last night's freeze has not caused those blooms to turn to icy mush so I can catch that short seasonal moment in time.

Flowers are such a perfect icon of spring; so beautiful, so bright, and here for such a short time. They are the living expression of hope, and of the power and possibility to life. The amazing thing is that even if the freeze did take the blooms that are already here, the rain will bring more to replace the ones lost by the cruelty of the cold. It is the only magic that is real; the tangible representation of what is around us if we could only stop a moment and really look around, and at each other, and see the extraordinary potential of the living energy that surrounds us.

So I wander with a towel around my neck, a camera in my hands, and dew-soaked shoes. I laugh to myself that all I need now is a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Universe could be mine. Never leave home without your towel; it will keep you dry while getting belly-down, nose-to-stamen with your chosen quarry. I must look quite the sight.

I am capturing for all time something that should not last. I wonder if this is somehow cheating, this holding onto something that is precious not just because of its beauty, but also because of its ephemeral nature. Ah, Saturday morning flower philosophy. I sip my coffee, enjoy the warm, dry socks that have replaced the cold and damp shoes and pull myself back from deep thoughts and back into the here and now. The puppy wants to play, and I must oblige her...

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