Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dog doors, siding, gutters, ceiling fans, etc.

We took a quick trip down to Floyd last weekend to drop off a new bed and a few sundries and to check in on the progress. Oscar bravely drove a rental truck that fought him the whole way down, but he made it in good time and with a very good story to tell once some time has passed...

The gutters are on the house (it did not have much in the way of gutters when we bought it, which is why some logs were damaged by water) and the siding is almost complete (a little more metal trim and it will be 100%). Inside Mike has been measuring for new heaters, repairing more wiring, fixing more plumbing, working on trim, painting the back bedroom, and putting up ceiling fans...

I am very excited that the dog door is now in; it makes it more "ours", as every house we have should always have a big dog door for the hairy people! Mike also put a good set of stairs on the side porch so that Grommit would have an easier time getting in and out of the house. I will have to supervise the ingress and egress for a little while otherwise we will be constantly washing the mud from the streams off the pups; a little training on staying at the house must be done!

Mike is enjoying putting his special touch on things. He is trying to give things around the house a more appealing aesthetic, and I think he is doing a great job. I am also thrilled that he is using as much material as he can from the stock of items down at the shop. He made this cabinet for the electrical box all from found materials!

I am looking forward to the next trip down, as the progress is speeding along exponentially. It should be much greener and the daffodil bulbs should be blooming by then. The construction equipment and trash will be gone and things will begin to look more finished!

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Danny said...

This is Danny, who you may remember from IEP days. Moved to Blacksburg a couple years back, and noted that you're heading to Floyd! Great place - you'll really like it out here!

Very cool house!

Danny V.