Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SnowDog Zillionaire...

It is Summer now, with the heat reaching into the 90's in Richmond and the humidity is so high that it may be forcing me to mutate into Swamp Thing... I hibernated through most of the winter, and complained endlessly about the dreary looking Central Virginia winters. That is, until the first week of March when suddenly our home became a winter wonderland.

Claris has seen snow before, but not this much all at once. She was thrilled by this new experience, and exploded out into the snow with her usual unabashed exuberance!

I understand the running around, bouncing in and out of the drifts and the general mayhem, but she did something that I really do not understand; it must be a "dog thing", but I have never seen other dogs do this... at least not quite with this amount of intensity.

She would start frantically running all through the snow, then open her mouth as wide as she could, drop her bottom jaw to the ground and like a hairy steam shovel, plow up the snow into her gaping maw. Do dogs get "brain freeze"? If so, she must have induced several mighty painful cases that morning!

Full speed ahead!

My favorite flavor: None!

I wonder if she thought she was helping Oscar clean up all this messy cold wet white stuff?

It was pretty and fun while it lasted, but the whole family is a bunch of Summer-lovers and we are probably enjoying the warm breeze with a tropical drink on the porch at Dogs Days as you read this!

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