Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where the Wild Things Hide

Having a "baby" in the house can be exhausting for the other "family" members, even if they are the hairy sort. Zoe is a handful for all of us, with her boundless energy, sharp little teeth and penchant for creating chaos in her wake. I know Claris & Morty must appreciate the time each week when Zoe goes to puppy camp; when she is home they sometimes find places to hide to get a few moments of peace and quiet. Just the other day I found Morty hidden in the bathroom, behind the door...

Claris is often the target of Zoe's insatiable need to chew (teething!), or at least her tail is. She will try to hide that exposed and sensitive appendage, and finds ways to back herself up against something to try and preserve her favorite body part. She likes the kitchen fireplace; it provides protection on almost all sides! I suspect she will be spending a good amount of time in there until Zoe loses those wicked baby teeth!

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