Monday, November 12, 2007

Claris: Miss-behavin'

The youngest canine in this pack is Claris, named after the first software company I ever bought software from (TOLD you I was a nerd). She is almost three, and a little devil incarnate. She started her ride on the naughty road by chewing the drywall to protest us leaving her at home while we went to work. Her favorite snack is my hair scrunchies. She goes by the two main dog tenants: Everything good goes in the mouth, and it is all about the stink. She thinks she is the alpha dog in this house and tries to push us all around to get her way, and her way usually involves a taking up a large section of the couch or bed, a stolen snack from the pantry when my back is turned, hiding at least three pairs of my socks in the yard, and hoarding things by the window in the upstairs bedroom (usually things that really belong outside for very good reasons).

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