Saturday, February 16, 2008

Foodies BEWARE!!!!

I consider myself a "foodie". I love to cook (we will not discuss my failures at this juncture, people! That will come soon...), I love food, and I love cookbooks. But some cookbook are just scary. I have been eBaying some of my collection of cookbooks in order to make more room in the house, clear out clutter and make a little money.

In going through those cookbooks I have found some pretty frightening things... many of these tomes were gifted to me by those folks that know how much I enjoy roaming through culinary temples to find new "nummy" ideas; some of those books can be more like "The Temple of Recipe Doom" than the "Ankhor Wat of Wonderful Tastes".

One of my favorite items up for sale is:
Meat, meat and more meat. If you put this book up to your ear, you can hear the sound of arteries clogging coming from within its greasy pages! I especially love the endorsement from Home Economics Teachers. THAT just seals the deal for me. Ironically, even though the binder is damaged and it is older than me, this volume was the first item to get a bid from the batch of books I posted. I was going to ask the bidder why they wanted this book, but you just do not want to risk insulting someone about to give you money... 2000 recipes for meat. I had no idea...

It beats out the whole cookbook on Jello that I am keeping, or the book that suggests if I have leftover hot dogs that I microwave them until they get crunchy and use them as dog snacks (the SPCA may actually consider this cruelty, so beware)!

I love to zoom around that old information superhighway to get recipes too, and even there you can uncover untold horrors. Today I found something that completely tops and puts my meaty meaty cookbook to shame.

If you have not eaten yet, you should go here and enjoy the recipe cards that this web author found:
Weight Watchers from the early 1970's. Be afraid, be very afraid. I may not be able to eat again after looking at the card for "Fluffy Mackerel Pudding". Ughhhhhhhhh!

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