Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The roof is done!

Joe finished the roof last week, and Kelly is working on the siding again (the two of them could not fit all their trucks and equipment up there at the same time, so they have been tag-teaming the house). He got a pretty good days' work in before the rain started yesterday, and he should be close to getting done by next week if the weather allows!

Mike has been working on trim, paint, porch supports, stairs for the side porch, getting the back room ready to be a bedroom, getting a heater working in the downstairs bathroom, new lights and new ceiling fans! I am loving the red trim he is putting up-it is so rustic AND bright.

The progress is speeding up nicely, and I cannot wait to see the progress on our next visit. We have more furniture to deliver, and that should finish up our larger deliveries to the house. There will be so much more to take pictures of then, too!

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