Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting there!

So much is happening all at once at the Floyd House. The sider has made great progress putting up the siding on any space that is not logs, the roofer is finally getting to it (cold, rain, cold, rain-poor guy hasn't had a good time this winter), and the carpenter/handyman is really whipping the whole place into shape, inside and out.

I am just so excited about the final results now that I can see the changes. While all the plumbing has been replaced (and given its own heating system so it cannot freeze in the cold months) and the insulation on the bottom of the house is wonderful, you just cannot "see it". The siding and the roof are a whole other thing- they are easily seen and enjoyed!

I picked a barn red and cream color scheme- it feels so warm and inviting to me. I hope it turns out as pretty as I hope! It is bright when there are no leaves, and I think it will look even better in the summer with all the greenery. There will be the warm barn red on the inside as well, and Mike is working on the trim and making it match up nicely! He has been working on finishing things like the trim, paint, drywall, electrical, and whoo, lots of other things.

I expect that when it is done, it will hardly be recognizable. We will be checking in on progress again this weekend. I am sure that I will be surprised by the changes yet again. It is living up to my expectations so far. I am dying to see it in the green of spring-how could it not be awesome?

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