Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aerial Photography

A couple of weeks ago a woman came by the Goochland house to sell us an aerial photo of the property. Under normal circumstances I would never buy something out of the back of a car (lest I repeat a story from one of the "Urban Legend" emails that have crossed through my inbox), but the woman was awfully nice, and I REALLY wanted the photo she showed me. I passed on ordering the giant print on canvas with an ornate "girly-frame" for $600 and went for the simple 11" x 17" framed one that came with the digital photo on CD. It was only $100, which I thought was a pretty good price for someone to fly their plane over my house and snap pictures. I am surprised they did not catch one of the dogs sleeping in the driveway, as that is their usual perch on a sunny afternoon. I only wish that I could get an updated photo each year to see the changes in the trees we have planted!

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