Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Cat is up to something...

...I am sure of it! He has been very active since the weather has turned warmer, and has being patrolling the yard. He is also sneaking around the house. Cat motivation is very tough for me to figure out, but for some reason I really think he is planning something moderately sinister.

He fails to understand that of all the denizens of this household, he is the smallest and therefore should take a lower rung on our internal pecking-order. He sees himself at the top of our little food chain, even well above the humans. He has tried to consume the alpha-human on more than one occasion, and he follows me around the house and yard like a secret service detail.

He has to go to the doctor tomorrow, and I am already hunting down the elbow-length heavy duty welding gloves. I no longer try to get him into the cat carrier as that causes both of us too much stress and pain, but even getting him into a carrier I rigged up with two laundry baskets is asking a bit too much of us. He is a good mouser, but that feral part of his nature shows its fur and fangs when cornered; He may look cute in the pictures but do NOT let that fool you!

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