Thursday, December 27, 2007

Internet Access In Floyd is Up, Up & AWAY WE GO!

Citizens (the Telecom Co-op here in Floyd County) came today and got us hooked up with high-speed internet access. I am amazed that we can get these kind of speeds here, but only a few minutes from Richmond we can only do dial-up or satellite (neither of which are speed or cost effective for what we do). Floyd can be quite amazing sometimes. We are going to put up web-cams so that I can see the house and stars whenever I want from wherever I might be. That will probably be a few trips from now, though, as there are so many more important things to be done!

Surefyre installed our wood stove yesterday, and we are warm and cozy (finally).
It is amazing how much better a person am when I am not cold! It looks wonderful, and Brian and his family put up one sturdy pipe chimney on the house, so we are set for anything that winter can throw at us, at least temperature-wise. Still working on getting the roof and siding done, so I hope we will not get snowy or icy conditions...

The dogs have been having a great time. While Oscar was putting gravel down around the house and I was pulling things away from the edges where Oscar was going to gravel, they disappeared down the hill and found quite a mud-hole to wallow in. None of us were happy when I had to get out the hose and wash them up-well water is VERY cold to be washing dogs with!

They forgave me and are now napping in the living room while we surf in front of the new wood stove and have a couple glasses of wine to celebrate some progress on the house. Some things done, so much more to go!

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