Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our first weekend in Floyd County

We survived closing (barely-it was a mess), and the house is now ours. We drove down and spent last weekend there. Sadly, we had been misinformed about how much propane was in the big tank so had no gas for heat or cooking. We used kerosene to heat up the house, which was a new experience for me (It is expensive, messy and smells unpleasant, but it is warm. Enough said for you folks who have never had the pleasure.). We moved in a van load of our belongings and did an inventory of what we had and what we needed to get. We cleaned as much as we could, and enjoyed the peace and quiet, along with all of the stars (the lack of light pollution makes it so much nicer to view the milky way).

The dogs really seemed to enjoy running around in the woods, and the house is a great place for them to lounge-lots of carpets and couches! Grommit got sick a few times, but quickly recovered. He is a very sensitive fellow, and I think he was a little stressed from the trip and the new surroundings. Once he got to play outside, he perked right up and had fun exploring around the house. We will get to explore further afield when we have more time and less work!

The first morning we awoke to a house guest... a small, hairy, winged one. Since the house had been vacant for almost a year, I was not surprised, but it was still a shock when Oscar pointed it out to me, clinging to the wall. I grabbed a plate and a basket and carefully moved him out of the house and into a shrub outside. The bat was not happy and expressed his displeasure with some serious sonic chatter, but it all worked out, and we went our separate ways.

It was hard to leave, but we had to come back to the city and go back to work. I cannot wait to get back and start working on the house. There is so much more to clean, more to paint, more to finish. The driveway is getting done next week, and the roofer is coming to look at things and tell me what we need to do so that I am sure we have the best roof possible. If you have a good roof, you have a good house!

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