Monday, December 10, 2007

The Second Weekend in Floyd

We arrived Friday afternoon and immediately began to try and heat the house. As I was trying to get the propane fireplace to light, I could see my breath. The fireplace would not stay lit for more than ten minutes, so we decided then and there that a wood stove would be on the list of things we needed ASAP. I have never failed to get wood ignited and to get a good fire going... Oscar grouted the tile in front of the fireplace in preparation for the wood stove, and I think he did a wonderful job. It amazes me that he can just DO these things, and always seem to do them WELL, too... He even picked out a wonderful color that matches everything!

There are so many projects to be done, and we started a bunch this week. Dexter is working on our driveway, so it will be much easier to get up the hill next time we go! I spent quite some time putting outlet covers on the switches and power outlets, cleaned out some of the cabinets, cleared off shelves, and other organizing and cleaning tasks.

We walked the property line and put up Private Property signs. It seems people use our property as a short cut into a 500 acre parcel for hunting. They seem to have missed many times, and there are holes in the house. I would rather that not happen again... plus, I am sure all the creatures that live on our parcel would really appreciate being safe from the humans.

The dogs had a fun running around, and this time they got to spend time at/in the larger of the three creeks that run through the property. Claris was basically a blur in every photo. Grommit had a good time digging in the mud and finding the deeper spots to float around in.
There are lots of great places to let the dogs go nuts and run around. I am looking forward to walking the whole set of creeks to find a good spot to make a swimming hole for them to enjoy. I will also work on clearing out some of the overhanging and down branches in the larger run so that we can enjoy more of it, and so it does not get clogged with detritus!

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