Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Abundance of the Blue Ridge

Every trip we take to Floyd, I am amazed by the abundance of human and animal fodder that appears in every type of ecosystem; During my last hike I found apple trees covered with grapevines. Both were heavy with fruit, and almost ripe! Next hike I will be sure to bring a canvas bag to grab some treats from the wild! Apple butter and grape jelly are destined to make an appearance in the pantry this year. I just need to borrow a crock pot from someone. Vegetarians don't tend to have those appliances hanging around (though I DO make a {not-so} mean meatless chili in them when given the chance!).

Just in case you did not know: Grapes are NOT good for your canine buddies. NO raisins, and NO grapes for your companion animals, no matter how much they may want a taste!

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