Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faith and Hope

Faith King and her team (see more of what they do at are working on the log restoration at Dog Days for the next few weeks, and I am so very excited to see the results. Her team has cleaned the logs and they are starting to repair the problem spots before they can re-chink and check, then stain the logs a nice deep reddish tone. Once they are done I will feel like we are at the end of the larger projects. We will still be working on small upgrades for quite some time (those never seem to end), but I am looking forward to feeling that sense of completion!

Oscar has been busy chopping wood for the winter, and his progress, as usual, is always impressive. The wood stove will have plenty of fuel to keep us nice and toasty, as this is what he finished last weekend WHILE he was painting the side porch!

We have MANY down trees that will be added to the pile over the next few weeks to get nicely cured before the cold weather sets in!

The front bed is getting cleaned up with a nice bench, weeding, removal of the rotten post, trimming of the holly, and painting of the fence. We had to remove the small ornamental pine in the back because it was dying a slow ugly death (probably due to the pine bark beetles that are battering certain species of pine in the forest), so the area is more open and the ornamental tall grasses stand out more than ever.

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