Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes I have no idea...

I am a little bit of a "know-it-all", but more often than I care to admit, I am stumped by what I find. I usually take a picture and then hit the internet searching for an answer to what I have found on my travels. These two items of interest were my last "stumpers":

This reminds me of the Khmer Architecture of Angkor Wat, mushroom-style! It stood a few inches high and out all by itself on the forest floor. I might have missed it if I was not still watching where my feet go all the time (I am not known for my grace, balance or agility. Weebles may wobble, but I just fall down). I am guessing that this is a misshapen member of the puffball fungus family, but I could be wrong...

I also found another strange-looking plant on this walk that I had to take a picture of. Why is it like this? It was a bit late for dew, and the other plants around it were certainly not as "moist". Some sort of sap? I did not pick it, as I tend to like to leave things as they are as much as possible, so I cannot say what properties (read: stickiness, smelliness, etc.) the liquid had.
It just looked very interesting, so I had to record it for later research. Sadly, I have still come up empty on this one! I think it may be a common plant with a spider web and some lingering dew whose other-worldy looks are distracting me!

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