Thursday, August 14, 2008

They eat JALAPENOS???

I went out this morning to grab some of the little hot peppers that were ripe and ready to be picked on the plants that I have in containers on the front patio, and was surprised to find NONE of the ripe ones were left from when I checked last night!

I noticed one of the branches of the plants was swaying slightly, and this fat fellow was feasting upon the last ripe pepper to be had.

I was a little incensed that this ugly fellow had consumed at least SIX peppers in 14 hours, but also, I have to admit, fairly intrigued by his menu selection and his ability to consume items several times his weight and length is so short a time.

I looked him up and he will someday, after consuming MANY MANY more of my vegetables, become a Swallowtail Butterfly, so I decided that I could lose some peppers (how many do I really need, anyhow?) in an effort to gain more butterflies. I am sure this one will survive predation until he is ready to pupate due to the powerful taste and smell he must have acquired from eating all those fiery foods...

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