Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Morning, Deer!

This big studly fellow made an appearance at breakfast-time the other day. When the deer come up to the house they almost seem offended by our presence; as if we are intruding upon their peaceable kingdom. There are so many deer it makes me VERY nervous to be driving the roads at dusk and dawn; We have a friend that has had three cars totaled in short order due to deer/car altercations.

I was wondering what might predate upon the deer in Floyd (besides the humans and automobiles), and on a trip up the mountain and through the woods I may have found my answer in several deposits of large-cat "scat" in the middle of the trail. The big cats tend to use their scat to mark their territory so if they are residing in the area it is fairly easy to find on the main trails. I doubt that it is possible that it was left by a mountain lion, as reports of their existence in the Blue Ridge are considered "unconfirmed" and are only eyewitness accounts. I think I may have a healthy set of Bobcats roaming the area, which pleases me VERY much. Not dangerous unless bothered and a good sign of a nice, balanced ecosystem!

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